Leveraging the architecture of Trenton Systems’ TRC2005 2U rugged rackmount computer, the recently released TVC2404 video wall controller will support up to 12 high-def 1080p video inputs and outputs when configured with three x16 PCI Express video controller cards.

Trenton Systems TVC2404 2U Rackmount Video Wall ControllerThe TVC2404 features our BPC8219 PCIe backplane with four PCIe card slots and choice of SBC such as the single processor TSB7053 or JXTS6966 or dual processor JXT6966 or BXT7059.

Data storage options include mounting for up to two front-access, hot-swap drives (HDD or SSD), and to maximize reliability, the system, utilizes a 2U, rear-mounted, 90-264VAC redundant power supply.

The lightweight, yet rugged aluminum enclosure is ideal for challenging environments subject to shock and vibration, as well as deployments where SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) considerations are of vital importance for military applications.

Key features of the BPC8219 PCI Express backplane include:

  • 2U butterfly form factor backplane supports a wide variety of 2U chassis designs
  • Side A supports one x16 PCI Express slot driven by a x4 PCIe link from the SBC
  • One 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port is available on side A
  • Side A supports one PICMG 1.3 single board computer
  • Four USB interfaces are available on side A
  • Side B has three x16 PCIe slots driven by a 16-port/64-Lane PCI Express 2.0 switch
  • PCIe backplane optimized for use with vertical ATX/EPS and +12 AUX power connectors

Trenton Systems features a full line of video wall controllers that can accommodate from 1 to 17 high performance video input/output cards.  Let us design a customer-driven video wall controller solution that is built to your exact requirements.

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While news regarding new aircraft designs often garner the most attention in the defense/aerospace industry, technology upgrades have become the most typical path for introducing advanced features, especially when it comes to addressing the needs of traditional electronic warfare, a discipline that is increasingly bumping into the domain that we usually attribute to cyber warfare.

Beyond the classic functions of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), which is focused on the interception and analysis of electronic signals, and the aspects of Communications Intelligence (COMINT) that involves jamming or spoofing, the cyber side of electronic warfare includes the ability to penetrate an enemy’s network and either disrupt or disable their offensive or defensive capability.

While cyber attacks are commonly associated with computers connected to the internet, computers that are connected to radars and radios which accept incoming signals are equally as vulnerable, so that has become a prime area for research and development.  Previous reports have referred to the Israeli cyber attack on Syrian air defenses before they carried out an aerial attack on a suspected Syrian nuclear power plant in 2007.


To meet this increasing threat, the Navy is moving to supersonic EA-18G Growlers armed, as of 2020, with a digital Next-Generation Jammer, designed to “deny, degrade, or deceive an enemy’s ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum by employing both reactive and pre-emptive jamming techniques, while enhancing the friendly force’s use of it.”  This change represents a dramatic upgrade from 1960s-vintage EA-6B Prowlers carrying 1970s jamming pods.

“The EM-cyber environment is now so fundamental to military operations and so critical to our national interests that we must start treating it as a warfighting domain on par with–or perhaps even more important than — land, sea, air, and space,” wrote Adm. Jonathan Greenert. “Wars increasingly will be fought in the EM spectrum and cyberspace, so we cannot treat EM-cyber capabilities as simply enablers for air, land, and space operations.”

EA-18-Growler Training RunAs many customers use our military-grade rackmount computers to collect and analyze air, sea and ground-based surveillance data, Trenton Systems is well aware of maintaining full system security, which is why we insist on complete system BIOS control for all our our single board computers, and operate our own manufacturing facility to make those boards.

If system security is as important to you as performance, reliability and longevity, give us a call and Trenton Systems will design a customer-driven computing solution that meets your exact needs.



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Farnborough Airshow to Highlight the F-35 Lightening II

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New Supercomputer Accelerates Oil & Gas Exploration Process

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Subsurface imaging technology is at the center of global oil & gas exploration, as petroleum engineers strive to produce more accurate maps of geological formations which help to identify critical reservoirs. Advanced seismic processing allows these engineers to find lucrative ‘pay zones’ of oil and gas within giant fields, and the use of modern supercomputers dramatically reduces […]

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Infocomm 2014 – AV Moving Forward – Coming to Las Vegas

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