Due to our systems engineering approach to designing and manufacturing customer-driven computing solutions, the TRC4008 4U rackmount computer offers users a unique combination of power, longevity and configurability.  It starts with an extremely rugged, yet lightweight aluminum chassis designed to withstand the level of shock & vibration commonly found in military, as well as industrial automation applications.  To accommodate demanding data storage requirements, the TRC4008 features eight, hot-swap, front-access 2.5″ drive bays for mounting HDD or SDD devices.

In order to satisfy the widest range of power, memory and I/O card options, the TRC4008 can be configured with a number of PCI Express backplanes, such as the BPG8155, BPX8093 or BPG7087, which support single or dual-processor single board computers, such as the TSB7053 or BXT7059.


TRC4008 4U rackmount computer, configured with BPG8155 PCIe backplane and BXT7059 SBC

It’s all about configuration options…

  • Supports PCI-X & PCIe 1.1/2.0/3.0 option cards
  • Backplanes configured with x1, x4, x8, x16 slots
  • Single & dual-processor single board computers
  • Powered by two up to twenty processing cores
  • Customize the 19″ rugged rackmount enclosure
  • Full system BIOS control with factory support

Call Trenton Systems today and let us design a customer-driven computing solution that meets your exact specifications.  Our single board computers and PCI Express backplanes are Made in the USA, carry a five-year factory warranty, and come with full lifetime technical support.  Dial: 770-287-3100

BPG8155 PCI Express Backplane TRC4008 4U Rackmount Computer BXT7059 Single Board Computer

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Industrial Computing Still Vital After Thirty Years

by Mark Lovett on April 11, 2014

When IBM first released the 5531 Industrial Computer some thirty years ago in 1984 there was a lot of speculation as to how big of an impact such systems would have on modern industrial automation. In a world of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) / Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions, it was unclear as to the role these new rackmount computers would ultimately play.

Covering a range of applications that involved data acquisition alongside motor control and machine vision, industrial computing allowed for the development of analog input boards designed to amplify and multiplex the input signals from thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, photo sensors, flowmeters or thermistors, and multiple I/O cards could reside in one industrial rackmount computer.

As communication protocols expanded from RS-232 and RS-422/485 to Ethernet (first wired and now wireless), the industrial computer buss architecture evolved from ISA to PCI, and ultimately to PCIe, yet the parameters of measurement remain much the same as analog output modules continue to control the relays, solenoids and valves that support industries such as paper and steel production, chemical manufacturing, oil refining and semiconductor fabrication.

  • light & sound
  • temperature & pressure
  • voltage & current
  • wind & humidity
  • shock & vibration
  • velocity & acceleration
  • time & distance
  • motion & location
  • size & weight
  • thickness & density
  • speed & position
  • flow & level

Modern Factory AutomationEven after thirty years the importance of industrial computing remains critical, while new technology is increasing the connectedness of all devices on the factory floor and the Internet-of-Things & Big Data enable faster and more meaningful decisions to be made in real time.

Multi-core processors now drive a new generation of single board computers, and PCI Express backplanes continue to provide ever greater levels of bandwidth as PCIe technology goes from Gen2 to Gen3 speeds and GPU computing becomes pervasive.

Along the way, Trenton has continued to develop new industrial computing solutions based on our customer’s unique configuration requirements, and we still provide a 5-year factory warranty on all of our Made-in-USA single board computers and backplanes.

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BPG8155 Backplane Brings PCIe 3.0 to Military Computing

by Mark Lovett April 4, 2014

Trenton Systems’ BPG8155 PCIe backplane brings the power and performance of PCI Express Gen3 to the world of rugged, military computing.  Representing another example of Trenton Systems’ approach to systems engineering, the BPG8155 takes full advantage of our BXT7059 single board computer with its native PCI Express 3.0 links and support for Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 v2 series […]

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Small Form Factor Backplane Delivers High Performance

by Mark Lovett March 31, 2014

While 14-slot and 20-slot form factor are the most commonly used PCI Express backplanes for use in industrial, communications and government & defense applications, small form factor backplanes can provide a unique versatility based on their ability to be mounted within a 19 inch rackmount chassis, as well as smaller benchtop and wallmount enclosures. Trenton […]

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Trenton Systems TRC5000 Exemplifies High-Density Computing

by Mark Lovett March 24, 2014

One of the most common requests we get from customers dealing with compute intensive applications, such as the processing of images and video, or signals intelligence data streams, is how to pack more processing power into one rackmount enclosure.  Trenton Systems’ TRC5000 5U rackmount computer accomplishes this objective by allowing up to four, dual-processor single […]

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Powerful TTX3100 PCI Express Expansion Chassis

by Mark Lovett March 14, 2014

The TTX3100 PCI Express expansion chassis is a 3U rackmount PCIe expansion chassis that includes the PCIe expansion target card installed in a choice of 14-slot PICMG 1.3 PCIe backplanes, making it an ideal solution for communications, industrial automation and government & defense applications. Support is provided for a combination of industry standard PCI Express, […]

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