Digital Signage Technology Wants to Alter Airport Behavior

by Jim Renehan on January 31, 2013

It’s estimated that nearly 750 million people with pass through U.S. airports in 2013, and new digital signage technology is intent on altering passenger behavior during the 90 minutes that passengers spend on average waiting in, or walking through, terminals.  That’s over 67 billion minutes that the transportation industry intends to make more profitable through behavior modification.

McCarran Airport Las Vegas Digital Signage

Digital Signage at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (Four Winds Interactive)

In the example above, fifteen-foot tall gate information displays have been stationed near arrival and departure gates at McCarran International Airport.  These double-sided video walls, featuring six LCD panels per side, entice travelers with real-time flight information, as well as local information such as weather forecasts, event tickets, restaurants, and images of nearby travel destinations.

In an effort to make travelers feel more at home, and relieve the stress of navigating massive airports, digital wayfinding has been integrated into the signage technology by way of 3D floor maps that guide visitors to various airport locations.  Recognizing the proliferation of mobile devices, directions from the wayfinder can also be downloaded to a traveler’s smartphone via a QR code.

While one of the main intents is to get passengers to their gate on time, so as to not miss their flight, there’s another motive at work here, and that’s steering travelers toward retail establishments as a way to generate on-site revenue while increasing customer loyalty.

Without a doubt the enhanced features debuting in digital signage rely on software, but underneath it all such systems must still rely on hardware to actually push the images from a server (or cloud) to the display screens, and that’s where Trenton Systems plays a classic supporting role by producing world-class video controllers designed to power the most advanced digital signage implementations.

Trenton Systems TVC3400 Matrox Validated Shelfmount Video Wall Controller Trenton Systems TVC4403 Matrox Validated Rackmount Video Controller Trenton Systems TVC5401 Matrox Validated Rackmount Video Wall Controller
TVC3400 8-Cube Controller
TVC4403 36-Cube Controller
TVC5401 56-Cube Controller

Customer-Driven Video Wall Controller

Trenton Systems can design a video wall controller, featuring Matrox Mura MPX Series video cards, to meet your digital signage specifications, from four to as many as fifty-six panels, in either rackmount or shelfmount configurations, utilizing embedded motherboards or single board computer technology and our systems engineering approach to creating customer-driven computing solutions!

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